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Flight Simulation

CPPP Sim Lab 2023 – Not Just for IFR Pilots Anymore

The College of Flight Simulation offers flight simulation sessions during CPPP 3 day events. New sim scenarios now challenge all pilots. Pilots have a choice between the traditional IFR Challenge or a new VFR Emergencies and Abnormals scenario. The IFR Challenge is primarily designed for IFR students and IFR rated pilots seeking to broaden and challenge their skills and knowledge. The all-new VFR Emergencies and Abnormals scenario will allow pilots to experience situations one simply cannot safely attempt in the real aircraft. Partner registrants are also welcome in the sim lab where they will increase their comfort and confidence in the front seat.

In keeping with the desire for COPA University to remain a world-class recurrent training program for the entire fleet of Cirrus aircraft, the College of Flight Simulation is committed to providing high quality training equipment and programs. Our all-new state of the art simulation equipment from Noble Flight Simulation and RealSimGear allows instructors to provide high quality training scenarios one simply cannot experience in the aircraft. These manufacturers have created truly amazing simulators which will lead to extraordinary customer experiences. The software allows us to create very realistic IFR and VFR scenarios.

The sim lab can simulate Garmin Perspective and Perspective + aircraft. The sim lab can also simulate Avidyne Entegra with GNS 430, GTN 650, IFD 440 (workaround) as well as the DFC-90 Autopilot. We cannot simulate Aspen, 6-pack with Sandel, Avidyne R9, Avidyne Vantage or S-TEC 55x.

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