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From essential safety seminars to fun and informative gatherings with fellow pilots worldwide, no matter where you are or where you go, chances are there’s a COPA event near you.

Melbourne, FL

3 Day  |  March 1-3


United States


3 Day

Melbourne, FL – 3 Day
March 1-3

Knoxville, TN – 3 Day
April 5-7

Fort Collins, CO – 3 Day
May 3-5

Flagstaff, AZ – 3 Day
August 16-18

Wichita, KS – 3 Day
October 11-13


1 Day

Plymouth, MA

Pella, IA
June 8

Aurora, OR
July 13

Louisville, KY
September 14

McKinney, TX

San Carlos, CA


Aschaffenburg, Germany EDFC – 1 Day
March 24 (German)

Avignon, France LFMV – 3 Day
June 21-23 (English/French)

Salzburg, Austria LOWS – Mountain Flying 2 Day
July 6-7 (German/English)

Baden Baden, Germany EDSB – 3 Day
Sep 13-15 (English)

Salzburg, Austria LOWS – Avionics 2 Day
Oct 19-20 (German/English)

Orange, Australia. YORG – 3 Day
Nov 8-10 (English)

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