Flight Training

Events to Elevate Your Pilot Skills to the Next Level

Flight Training

What better way to learn more about your airplane and how to fly it than registering for a flight or two with a highly experienced Platinum CSIP?

You will learn about risk management, the components and systems in your airplane, and best practices for your avionics. Each session will start with a short cross country flight followed by a pattern and normal landing. From there itโ€™s your choice of what you would like to work on for the remainder of the three (four?) hour session as you work towards earning our Challenge Coin.

Flight training at a CPPP is very rewarding and will minimize your chances of having to file an insurance claim or getting a phone number to call from ATC!

Practical flight has three goals:
1) Know the main 3 causes of accidents and learning/perfecting the skills to overcome those challenges.
2) Embrace and follow the iFOM standardized procedures.
3) Practice what an attendee learns in a ground class.

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