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COPA Training Foundation

2441 Tech Center Ct. #103
Las Vegas, NV 89128
Telephone: (702) 920-2108

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The COPA Training Foundation

… presents a world-class recurrent training experience with General Aviation ground courses and Cirrus-specific flight instruction during a weekend of socializing with like-minded owners and their partners. Many COPA members choose to make CPPP a key part of their annual or biannual training. Some insurance underwriters give benefits for attending a CPPP.

CPPP participants have the opportunity to receive flight training from the most experienced CSIPs in the Cirrus Training Network. Our instructors are Platinum CSIPs, CSIPs who own and fly a Cirrus or former Factory Instructor Pilots.

Course Fees:

Registration for ALL flight categories will close two weeks prior to each event. Late registrants may choose Ground Only and request an upgrade. Upgrades will be granted based on instructor availability.


Ground + 2 Flight $1450 (optional Cancellation Protection $145)
Ground + 1 Flight $1150 (optional Cancellation Protection $115)
Friday 2 Flight
Includes Weekend Ground
$1550 (optional Cancellation Protection $145)
Friday 1 Flight
Includes Weekend Ground
$1200 (optional Cancellation Protection $115)
Ground Only $850 (cancel any time prior to the event)
Non-Pilot Partner/Spouse/Dependent $150 (cancel any time prior to the event)
Non-owner CFI $200

Insurance Requirements
Flight participants must supply their own aircraft and provide a Certificate of Insurance to COPA Training Foundation (see the Insurance tab above for details).

Typical CPPP Weekend Event
The CPPP weekend offers participants a selection of ground courses, optional flight and flight simulation instruction segments, a Partner-in-Command program for non-pilot right seat companions, and all meals including a Friday night welcome reception and a Saturday night dinner. Please see the individual location tabs for more detailed information on the course schedule.The weekend concludes Sunday at 3pm.

For 2021, COPA University is offering Friday flight training. A limited number of slots is available and a small premium is added to cover the cost of additional lodging requirements for the instructor. Flight training will be from 12pm to 6pm followed by a Meet & Greet casual dinner.  This option will allow participants to maximize their time and selection of the weekend ground courses.

The knowledge courses contain expanded content for 2021 from the colleges of COPA University. Notable are expanded and updated courses on avionics, weather, procedures, decision-making and aircraft systems.

Sim Sessions
For 2021, the sim lab will be a 3-hour session called “IFR, Back to Basics.” The sessions will feature a one-on-one combined ground/flight simulation that will both sharpen and refresh your IFR skills while working with an experienced CSIP. Scenarios will focus on IFR flight operations with an emphasis on the behaviors identified above while:

  • Transitioning from the enroute segment of the flight to the final approach segment using Transition Routes, Terminal Arrival Areas, Holding Procedures, and Vectors to Final.
  • Stabilized Approaches from the Final Approach Fix to the Decision Altitude or Minimum Descent Altitude.
  • Missed Approach Procedures – Recognizing when a Missed Approach is required, being ready to execute the MAP when required, and maintaining situational awareness while flying the Missed Approach.

As this is an IFR ground & flight simulation course, participants should have an instrument rating or be well into their training for the instrument rating. If you are just beginning instrument training, we suggest that you register for one of the 90-minute Saturday Morning Abbreviated Sessions below.There is an additional $175 fee for this course to cover instructor and equipment costs.

Saturday Morning Abbreviated Sim Sessions
While simulators are best utilized for IFR training, these 90-minutes sessions will also be available to VFR only pilots.

The abbreviated sessions will not follow specific pre-determined scenarios and will offer an opportunity for pilots to address their concerns and/or problem areas with an experienced CSIP. They are also an excellent opportunity to work on Memory Items, Emergency, Abnormal, and Normal Procedures as referenced in the iFOM.

There is an additional $90 fee for this course.

The CPPP Landing Challenge

While every landing should be “standard”, the circumstance can dictate otherwise; traffic in the pattern, strong winds, short runways, and the dreaded ATC request…”Maintain best forward speed” have contributed to recent landing accidents. The CPPP Landing Challenge is a flight training segment that will address those issues and more during our 2021 events. Participants will be awarded the CPPP Challenge Coin upon completion and will become safer and more proficient pilots.
Training Tasks:

  1. Cirrus Standardized Pattern at altitude with emphasis on trim. Ends with a simulated go-around.
  2. Standard Airport pattern with a Go Around.
  3. Short Approach (recognizing when to say unable)
  4. Normal pattern and landings with centerline and directional control emphasis using AOA and ground track indications.
  5. Abnormal patterns –
    a. Overshooting base to final and extending downwind for traffic.
    b. Small/close patterns.
    c. Wide bomber patterns.
  6. Landing 5 knots fast (teaching patience and pressure)
  7. Short Field operations.
  8. Maintaining best forward speed (what it is for your aircraft and how to slow down)
  9. Landing from an instrument approach with 50% flaps.

FAA Wings Credit

CPPP weekend recurrent training qualifies for FAA Wings credit. It is possible to obtain sufficient credits so that you will qualify for the Basic phase. That will enable pilots to satisfy FAR 61.56(e) for the 24-month flight review requirement. CPPP flight training may also qualify for discounts on some aircraft insurance policies and satisfies the recurrent training requirements on others.

Hotel Accommodations
Registration does not cover hotel accommodations
, which must be arranged separately. See the individual event tabs for hotel information.

Partner in Command Course
The CPPP offers a Partner-in-Command course on Saturday morning for right-seat flyers. The PIC course has received rave reviews from partners who leave better prepared to survive an emergency and help their flying partner. Many CPPP participants wish they had invited their partners because of the positive impact on their partners. Partners will also receive a sim session for hands-on practice of what they learned in the PIC course.

The Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association (aka, “COPA”) is a 501(c)7 non-profit corporation dedicated to serving its members. COPA is not in any way affiliated with Cirrus Aircraft, the manufacturer.
Cirrus is a registered trademark of Cirrus Aircraft.