Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions that you may have about CPPP events.  If there is a question that you don’t see answered here, please contact COPA University via email.

I’m a first time attendee, what should I sign up for?

First time attendees find the class content contains so much useful information you won’t want to miss it. We hear over and over from customers who wish they would not have signed up for flight training. If you really want to enroll in an extra curricular activity then pick one flight slot or one sim slot.

I don’t own a Cirrus, can I attend anyway?

Absolutely. We have many attendees who are not Cirrus owners.

How much does all of this cost?

Click HERE for a rate sheet.

Where do I find an app for the event I’m attending?

Prior to your event the website will become live with the latest information.

Is it common for flight or simulation lessons to get canceled by an attendee at the last minute? Will a call go out immediately to fill an open slot?

We do get last minute cancellations. We make an effort to announce this opportunity during the event. Additionally, you can contact the Dean of Flight Training or the Dean of Simulation and let them know you are interested in a standby spot.

Is there a cancellation policy for CPPP events?

The policy for Class Session cancellation is:
-within 30 days of event for full refund
-within 15 days of event for 50% refund
-within 7 days of event for 25% refund
-we are unable to grant a refund for cancellations that occur within 6 days prior to the event.

The policy for Flight or Sim sessions must be cancelled within 30 days for full refund.

CPPP offers trip insurance which is available for purchase during event registration..

I recently attended a CPPP and I want to attend another, can I see the agenda to make sure it is different enough to attend?

The schedule is similar at every three day event. You may consider attending other lectures that you missed, adding flight, and/or sim training.

Is there possibility to sign up for one class session?

We do not currently offer attendance to one classroom session. For a smaller time commitment you may want to attend a one day event.

Will slides from the lectures be made available for participants afterwards?

Slides are available for a limited time at
Disclaimer, we style our presentations such that the slides support the narrative rather than direct it. Therefore, the slides should be used for reference only

Do I need a rental car?

You may rent a car or find a ride from the hotel with the many other guests and instructors.

Can I buy one of the simulators?

Yes! Go to Noble Flight Simulation or RealSimGear website.

Noble Flight Simulation


Is attendance in the Flights and/or Sim Lab included with my registration?

Flight and simulation slots are considered extra curricular activities and carry an additional fee.

Does flight instruction take place in a COPA University airplane or my airplane?

Flight instruction takes place in the customer’s airplane. Please provide a Certificate of Insurance PRIOR to the event.. For more information on insurance CLICK HERE.

Are meals included in registration?

This varies by venue. It will be made clear in your schedule what meals are included in your tuition.