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2025 CPPP Events 

Anyone can attend.

Pilots, non-pilots, spouses, instructors, kids, even pilot owners of other aircraft.


A few things you may want to know.

3 Day vs 1 Day Events

3 Day

A Three Day CPPP is based upon a three day class series that follows different tracks such as Perspective/Perspective+ or Avidyne avionics, Weather and Ownership. You can attend any class you’d like. The series begins on Friday after the kick off lunch and ends on Sunday before lunch. You have the option to enhance your weekend by adding flight training and/or flight simulator sessions. Flight training lessons are available beginning Thursday and run through Sunday. Simulator sessions are available during the class schedule. The schedule below illustrates a sample Three Day program.

1 Day

A One Day CPPP is a single day and single track class all day Saturday. The one day event is designed to be a smaller time commitment. You may enhance your One Day experience by adding flight training lessons on Friday and/or Sunday. The schedule below illustrates a sample One Day program.

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Garmin Perspective and Perspective +

Automation Management

Perspective/+ Garmin Intro

Perspective/+ IFR Approach

Perspective/+ Flight Management

Avidyne Entegra

GNS/GTN Flight Management System

GNS/GTN IFR Approach

IFD Flight Management System

IFD IFR Approach

Engine Management & Ownership


Cirrus SR2X Systems

Fly the Mixture Knob

Tactical Data Analysis

Turbo Engine Management – Tips and Tricks


Inflight Tactics – Icing

Inflight Tactics – Thunderstorms


Winning the Weather Game


32 Reasons the Traffic Pattern Matters

AoA – Revealing the Lost Message of Stick and Rudder

Approach Procedures


Command – The Essence of Control

Crossing the Border

IFR Procedures Refresher

Just You and the Machine

Partner in Command

Ten Things That Can Go Wrong